Paper Dragon𝄓

Videos Batch 2

Q: Hey Paper Dragon, i see you're at it again, this time with a new batch of videos.

K: I like making videos, and people have asked us what goes on in the Dragon's Den.

A: I didn't think we could record live down there with our single mic and phone camera, but hey, not bad.

Q: Not bad at all. Is this part of a larger project?

K: No, but you never know.

Q: There's no telling what twists and turns life will take. What else did you get up this summer now gone?

A: Our friend Jesse, who filmed the videos, has been giving us skateboard lessons. I can kick turn now!

K: Me too! Almost.

Q: Daring. Any plans for the autumn?

A: Play on stage again.

Q: Really? I thought gigging was killing Kate.

K: Long story, but let me just say it started out benign enough, and then...

Q: And then?

A: Well, you'll have to come to the show to find out.

Q: See you there.

K: Actually, it got cancelled today because of COVID-19.

Q: Curse this pandemic!

Author: Paper Dragon
Date: 2020-03-22
Tags: videos

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