Paper Dragon


Hello. Are you looking for Paper Dragon? Well then, come in, come in.


Paper Dragon is a Mt Eden Pop band from Auckland, New Zealand composed of and by Kate Riegle van West and Alex Raichev. We write all sorts of songs, often set poems to music, and banter a good bit.

"For they dance and drink and sing, till some blind hand shall brush their wing" ~ Testimonial from William Blake


You can contact us by email at


Q: How would you describe your music?

A: We used to call it Mt Eden Unpop, but now that we have eleven fans, we're calling it Mt Eden Pop.

Q: You set a lot of poems to music. Why is that?

K: Alex's lyrical genius is dumb, so he steals words from dead poets.

A: This is true, and Kate writes all her own lyrics. That's why she's so slow making songs :-)

Q: Do you play covers?

K: No, we play our own tunes.

Q: Will you play Yesterday by the Beatles?

A: Yes.

Q: Really?

K: No.

Q: If you could be a bean, what kind of bean would you be?

A: Scarlet Runner!

K: Jelly bean! Marshmallow flavored.