Paper Dragon𝄓


Almost like a real show.


A new song in progress called "I Carry Your Heart with Me". Published on 2022-03-21.


The Basement Series

Published on 2020-03-22.
Filmed by Jesse James.

Kate likes making videos, so here's another batch for your viewing pleasure. With the cinematic aid of our friend Jesse, we filmed these in our basement practice space and were surprised (again!) at how well they turned out using only a gimbled phone camera and one USB mic plugged into a laptop running Reaper.

  1. The Fly. Sourced from YouTube here.

  2. Spider's Song. Sourced from YouTube here.

  3. Your Friends, They May All Be Dead. Sourced from YouTube here.


The Sofar Series

Published on 2019-04-15.
Filmed by Jesse James.

We made these videos as part of our application to perform for Sofar Sounds Auckland. They turned out surprisingly well, considering they were recorded with just a phone camera on a gimble and a USB mic plugged into a laptop running Audacity.

  1. Come Unto These Yellow Sands. Sourced from YouTube here.

  2. It Should Probably Be Now. Sourced from YouTube here.

  3. To His Coy Mistress. Sourced from YouTube here.