Paper Dragon𝄓

Into My Heart an Air That Kills

Gadzooks, we missed the March Equinox on Wednesday! Time waits for no dragon, paper or otherwise. Welcome to autumn down under.

Much news for you. Today we released a new, seasonally appropriate song on our Music page. It's called "Into My Heart an Air That Kills" and sets to music A. E. Housman's short lyrical lament for lost youth. Check it out!

And earlier this week, in a long-overdue effort to extend our sonic reach, we finally distributed our albums to Spotify, Apple Music, and the full cornucopia of music streaming sites. We chose to abridge the albums, however, excluding songs of poems protected by copyright, lest we get sued. So no "Song of the Master and Boatswain", for example. But you can still listen to them on our Music page ;)

Lastly, on all those streaming sites mentioned, you can now find the works of our musical side projects too: Kate's band Byte Mi and Alex's solo project Loud Kisses.

Enjoy, and talk to you next time!

Thanks to Muse AI for rendering the Land of Lost Content

The Land of Lost Content as rendered by Muse AI

Author: Paper Dragon
Date: 2024-03-22
Tags: music