Paper Dragon𝄓

Demos Batch 4 released

Q: Paper Dragon, the seasons turn, and you turn with them. Tell us about your new Demos Batch 4.

A: Sure. You can find it hot off the electro-press on our Music page. It features cats and nymphs and shepherd's lies, millers wives and double suicides (possibly imagined). Oh, and our favorite half-diminished chord. All a bit fantastic, albeit short.

Q: Only three songs?

A: Yeah, with all our gigging in the past three months, we haven't spent much time in the recording studio.

K: He means his bedroom.

A: I mean my bedroom. Also we've been going to the beach.

Q: To record?

K: To relax.

A: And to fly.

K: And to fly.

Q: Kites?

K: Nope.

Q: How's the gigging going?

K: ...

A: ...

Q: Do you have any more shows on the horizon?

K: No! I mean, uh, I need to take a break and assess why I want to crawl into a hole and die during every show. Playing in a duo is a lot of pressure, and our last show at Thirsty Dog was the straw that broke the dragon's back.

Q: Sorry to hear that. Well, I hope you figure things out, Kate, and that you two return to the stage one day. Your demo recordings suggest something special, but I think the real magic happens at your shows.

K: Thanks for the encouragement, Quincey.

Q: You're welcome. All the best to you two, and happy Summer Solstice!

K & A: Happy Solstice!

Author: Paper Dragon
Date: 2019-12-22
Tags: demos

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