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Demos Batch 3 released

Q: Band, congratulations on the release of Demos Batch 3, published on your Music page today, the Spring Equinox. I know it's not the season, but in honor of the occasion i baked you a pumpkin pie. [Offers pie]

A: Wow, thanks Quincey! I love pumpkin pie.

K: Me too!

A: [Eating] Mmm.

K: [Eating] So good.

Q: So tell me about this new batch of demos.

A: Well, it was going to be seven songs, but then we composted one to fertilize a future crop. That left us with six songs, which isn't prime.

K: We avoid composite numbers.

A: So we set one aside for later, which made a hearty batch of five.

Q: "Your Friends They May All be Dead" is a catchy song with a strange title. What's it about?

K: Well, the lyrics for the song first started out as random murmurs that kind of fit the melody, and then those random murmurs somehow evolved into the words "your friends they may all be dead." I was certain this was just placeholder text, but at some point I had sung those words so many times, I couldn't imagine it any other way. So then I had to figure out what the heck "your friends they may all be dead" meant, which wasn't too hard as I was going through a strange situation with some investors and feeling very unsupported, so the song became about that experience.

Q: "What Is Our Life?"—

A: What is our life?

Q: What a sad song! How did it arise?

A: The beginning riff and melody came to me first, then i needed some haunting words to accompany them. So i searched my high school poetry book and found the poem by Sir Walter Raleigh, which i tried using on another occasion to no avail. This time it was a perfect fit, and when i wrote the ending melody, tears pooled in my eyes. So sad and sweet. I don't believe the poem, but i sympathize with its sentiment.

Q: This question comes from my flatmate, who is a fan.

K: Another fan?!

Q: Are roller coasters still fun for you?

K: I haven't ridden a roller coaster in decades, but they are still very fun in my mind.

A: I don't know. I think i'd get dizzy on one these days.

Author: Paper Dragon
Date: 2019-09-23
Tags: music