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Album 2

Happy September Equinox, everyone, and welcome to the new season, be it Spring (down South) or Fall (up North)! To ring it in, we of Paper Dragon bring you... ALBUM 2, our latest labor of love. You can read more about the cleverly named album, listen to it over and over again, and buy it, all on our Music page.

What are critics saying about Album 2?

"Hark, hark! Bow-wow" -William Shakespeare

"Through all the lying days of my youth I swayed my leaves and flowers in the sun. Now, after listening to Album 2, I may wither into the truth." -William Butler Yeats

"Best Mt Eden Unpop I've heard since Paper Dragon Album 1." -William Thorwaldson, music reviewer for the Mt Eden Gazette

Author: Paper Dragon
Date: 2021-09-23
Tags: album